About Arro Money

Arro is based on a simple principle: that everybody should have access to a current account that allows them to manage their money.

In the modern age, that means the ability to transfer funds online and send Faster Payments; and access to a contactless, chip and pin debit card that you can also use at ATMs.

The Arro Personal Account and Arro Business Account give you all of these capabilities in an account with a three-minute application process and guaranteed acceptance for all eligible applicants.

Personal experience

Arro Money draws from our own personal experience of the UK banking industry, including coming to the UK for the first time and trying to open an account.

When faced with this long journey towards financial independence in the UK, rather than seeing a challenge, we saw an opportunity – a chance to offer something better for the future.

The result of that is the Arro Money account, available to Personal and Business customers, newcomers to the UK, native residents, and generally anyone who is excluded from traditional banking or who just wants an easy alternative.

Putting technology first

We are proud to offer an alternative to the traditional high street banks – and in fact, because we are regulated to provide electronic money services, Arro is not technically a bank at all.

This allows us to focus entirely on our online money management system, which was painstakingly built from the ground up to do exactly what the Arro Personal Account and Arro Business Account need from it.

It’s developed uniquely for Arro – it’s not bought in or licensed from a third party, which means the interface will never suddenly change completely because we have switched supplier, as happens with some other online accounts.

We thoroughly test the security of the Arro dashboard on a regular basis and everything is encrypted when data is sent to and from our servers, so you can rest assured that your personal information is safe.

Protecting customer funds

It’s not just your data we protect. All customer deposits are held in a separate account and are not available to Arro Money to spend on our own development or running costs.

This also means that account holders’ money is never at risk in the event of a creditor’s claim against Arro Money.

If for any reason a claim is made against Arro in the future, all account balances would be available, in full, for account holders to withdraw – and only then could our creditors claim a share of what was left.

Compare this with the scenes when a high street bank is in trouble – and accountholders queue for hours to withdraw as much as they can, or rely on the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to recompense them – and we think keeping the capital to cover customer deposits in full is by far the better option.

Open to all

We specifically established Arro Money to offer financial services to people who are excluded or just not well served by the high street banks, and we continue to commit ourselves to accepting as many applicants as possible.

There are a couple of rules that we have to apply:

  • You must be aged 18 or over.
  • You must live in the UK (even if only temporarily as an international student etc.)
  • You must meet our Fair Fit criteria (a basic test to make sure you’re eligible for an account).

As long as we can verify your identity using a quick online check – which does not access your credit record in any way – we should be able to accept you and have your account up and running in three minutes.

Business or pleasure?

The Arro account comes in two basic types: Personal and Business. The Arro Personal Account is exactly what it sounds like, an instant new account that allows you to shop online, pay by debit card or Direct Debit (not currently available, but it’s coming soon), accept payments using your sort code and account number, and generally manage your own money independently.

The Arro Business Account gives you the same general features but with a Business MasterCard® debit card and an account that is specifically for your business activities, whether you are a sole trader, partnership or registered company – again with guaranteed acceptance in just three minutes.

In both cases the Arro account is designed to give you the kinds of financial services that the banks would be slow to approve, and without needing anywhere near the same amount of paperwork, proof of identity, business plans and so on – just apply online in three minutes and we’ll send you your account number and debit card details immediately.

  • Flexi


    From £0.00 per month

    Use your account as much or as little as you like!

    £1.00 per ATM withdrawal

    £1.00 per Fast Payment

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