UK mobile banking apps – what are the choices?

Mobile banking is an option from all of the main UK banks, but the exact definition of what they mean by that can vary – so what is the best mobile bank UK accountholders can choose?

In terms of the best mobile banking app, Lloyds Bank is regularly rated at the top of the list, but some of the positives might also be negatives for some users.

For example, Lloyds Bank is often praised for regularly adding new features to its mobile banking app, but while this keeps it up to date, it means users regularly have to get to grips with changes in functionality.

Other banks get mixed reviews, usually losing marks on usability or functionality – it’s unusual to see a UK mobile banking app score highly right across the board – and these ratings even sometimes include other methods of mobile banking outside of the app.

Alternatives to apps

So what are those other methods of mobile banking? When it comes to accessing a mobile bank UK accountholders have plenty of options:

  • Native smartphone apps.
  • Tablet apps.
  • Mobile-friendly websites.
  • Online support.

This last point is important. A true mobile bank means more than just accessing basic account features on the move – you should be able to get support without going into your local or home branch, too.

All too often the mobile banking apps from the high street banks are just portals to view your account on the move, and for anything beyond the very basic account features, you’ll need to go into a branch. Not very mobile after all.

Alternatives to mobile banks

There are some mobile payment apps that on the surface of it don’t appear linked to mobile banks at all – one example is Paym, described as “the UK’s mobile payment system”.

It lets you send money using a friend’s mobile number, rather than their bank account number and sort code. But it’s only supported by 15 of the major UK banks and building societies, so if you don’t have an account with them, Paym is useless to you anyway.

The person you are paying must also be registered with Paym, so you can’t use it to pay just anyone, and it’s designed very much for friends to transfer money rather than for any more formal or professional uses.

Arro – A better alternative?

OK, so you want to manage your money on the move, but you don’t like the major mobile banking apps, or your phone doesn’t support them, or maybe you can’t even open an account with the major banks at all.

Arro can help. We are not a bank, but we provide online accounts complete with a sort code and account number, plus a MasterCard® debit card, so you can transfer money, make payments and withdraw from ATMs just as you would with a traditional bank account.

We are a technology-focused company, and we are proud to have built the entire Arro Money website – including the account dashboard used by customers – from scratch so we know that it is secure, reliable and fit for the job.

Visit the website from your phone and you’ll instantly see the difference – a design free from clutter, with easy access to login and manage your account, and familiar mobile features like our pop-out menu so you will never get lost on a page.

We have poured genuine care and attention into creating a website that works as seamlessly on mobile devices as it does on the desktop, so if you’re sick of clunky mobile banking apps and incompatible websites, it might be time to give Arro a try.

Making mobile contact

You will notice we ask for a mobile telephone contact number as part of our signup form – and this allows us to keep in touch with you via mobile when it’s appropriate to do so.

For example, when your Arro account is approved, we also set up a MasterCard® debit card that you can use to spend from your account and make cash machine withdrawals.

This has to come to you in the post, which can take a couple of days – but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use the card details to shop online in the meantime.

In order to make this possible, we send you your MasterCard® debit card details to the mobile phone number you provide. Just one more way Arro use mobile technology to make it even easier for you to manage your money on the move.