How to make faster payments using your card

Arro Money take security seriously, so we put extra measures in place to verify identities and addresses before enabling faster payments.  Don’t worry, you can still start shopping online using your virtual card right away.

How long will it take for my card to arrive?

Your physical Arro Money card will arrive within 5 working days of you ordering it.  To order your card log into your account, click on the ‘order your physical card’ reminder and order your card.

How do I activate my Arro Money card?

Activate your card by logging into your account, then click on the ‘activate your card’ reminder and enter the CVV number on your new physical card.

This is different to the CVV number on your virtual card, but once you’ve activated your physical card your CVV number will be the same for both.  You will not be able to activate your card using your virtual card’s temporary CVV number.

This will enable you to make faster payments in addition to being able to shop in store as well as online.

Enabling contactless payments

You will need to use your PIN to use your card the first time you pay in store, and this will activate contactless payments.  From then on, you can spend up to £30 via contactless payment.