Find out why your account has been suspended

Arro Money takes account security as seriously as the high street banks do and are subject to the same legislation as all FCA regulated organisations.  This is primarily for the protection of our customers as well as to prevent fraud.

This does mean that we have automated measures in place to highlight any activity that might be of concern as well as a dedicated team of finance professionals.  If there are any concerns, we may be required to suspend an account while we ask the account holder for information regarding transactions activity.  Whilst we appreciate this can be an inconvenience we need to be sure that accounts are secure.

If your account is showing as suspended, check your emails for correspondence and reply to anything as soon as possible.  Check your junk file if you cannot find one in case your filters and moved it in there.

If you haven’t had an email, use the online form to contact us and we can look into any issues with your account.

It is also worth logging into your account and checking the balance.  On occasion – if offline transactions are made or large numbers of transactions at the same time – your account may accidentally drop into a negative balance.  If this occurs, we will suspend your account as we do not offer an overdraft or credit facility.  You need to credit the account as soon as possible, and let us know you have done this using the online form.  We will then be able to reactivate your account.

The possibility of a technical issue should never be ruled out and we’ll also be able to identify this if you get in touch.