Why Arro?

Access to basic financial services is still a far bigger problem than widely perceived in the UK and beyond. 37 million European citizens cannot access basic financial services. 1.5 million people in the UK don’t even have a current account and half of these would like to have a current account but believe they can’t get one. Our aim is to make access to financial services fairer and more equal.

Our proprietary technology means that a current account can be opened in a fraction of the time than it would take at a high street bank. We can accept over 500 different documents for ID purposes and passports from 195 countries. We can also verify at street level for people with no address histories.

Passionate about financial inclusion.

Crowdfunding opportunity

With a new crowdfunding investment, we’ll be expanding our development and marketing teams and also our UK-based customer support where we’ll be looking to recruit more multilingual members of staff so we can make life even easier for our international clients.

To demonstrate just how much we believe in Arro Money, the founding members have funded the growth of the business so far with a total investment of over £3.5m. This is your chance to join a community of investors that not only wants to be involved in a fast growing company as it continues to build momentum but which also believes in what we’re trying to achieve.

It’s a really exciting time for fintech in general and for Arro Money in particular. The number of people looking beyond traditional ways of managing accounts is growing as is the size of our market and the potential for Arro Money’s proprietary modular technology is huge.

We want to help make money management and access to financial products more available to everyone. Together, let’s do something about financial exclusion and give people a better chance in life.

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*Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards