Limited Company

From £5.00 per month*

A straightforward account for Limited Companies!

£0.50 per ATM withdrawal*

£0.50 per Fast Payment*

Features Cost Additional
Account Opening Fee Free
Monthly Management Fee** £5
ATM Withdrawal Fee 50p
Credits into your Account Free
Faster Payments Out, Standing Orders & Direct Debit (coming soon) 50p
Replacement Card Fee £5
Foreign Exchange Charges 2.99%
International ATM Withdrawal Fee £5
Card Inactivity Fee £5/ Month Additional: Applicable if account inactive for 90 days
Chargeback Fee £10 Additional: Per rejection
Cancellation or Redemption £10

**The first monthly fee will be debited from your account upon the initial deposit of funds. Subsequent monthly fees will be debited every 30 days and taken on the same day of the month that you created your Arro account.

Straightforward stuff

What is Financial Inclusion?

By its definition, Financial Inclusion should provide equality of opportunity for everyone in a given society.

FS Tech Awards Shortlisting

Arro Money are excited to announce another shortlisting, this time as Consumer Finance Product of the Year for the FS Tech Awards.

What is two step verification?

The ability to make payments from your account online means increased convenience but we don’t want to leave you open to fraud, and it is for that reason that when setting up a new payee, we use two step verification.

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