Opening a UK Bank Account as a Tourist.

Setting up an open UK bank account as a tourist doesn’t need to take up weeks and even months of your time in the UK – with Arro the process can be completed in as little as three minutes.

The Arro Personal Account is not technically a bank account, but gives you a way to manage your money electronically, both online and at cash machines around the UK.

You receive an Arro cash card plus MasterCard® debit card, so you can buy things in shops and online, and withdraw money from ATMs, and as it’s a debit card – not a credit card – there’s no need to check your credit rating.

If you have tried to open an online bank account with a UK tourist visa and have been rejected by the traditional UK banks, Arro is a quick, easy and reliable alternative to manage your money online.

As long as you can provide us with a UK address where we can contact you during your stay here, we should be able to approve your application immediately, and provide you with an Arro Personal Account for as long as you stay in the UK.

How do I open a current account as a tourist?

Our fast and easy application process means that as long as you are aged 18 or over, and are currently staying at a UK postal address, we should be able to check this online and approve your application in minutes.

We usually don’t need lots of proof that you have been in the UK for months already – you can apply for a current account as a tourist on the day you arrive, if you want.

There’s no mark on your credit file, just a basic automatic ID check that does not need us to access your credit record, and the databases we use for this can verify ID from 160 different countries around the world.

In most cases, that’s all it takes, and we can then set up your Arro Personal Account. You’ll receive your sort code and account number so you can start to transfer money in or receive payments from friends and family who support your travels.

You’ll also get your debit card details instantly via SMS text message to your mobile phone, so you can start using the card online even before it arrives at your UK postal address.

How long do I need to be in the UK?

You can apply as soon as you arrive. We only ask that you are aged 18 or over, and that you give us a UK postal contact address where you will normally be living during your time here.

If you expect to move around, that’s fine – it should only take a few days for your MasterCard® debit card to arrive at your postal address.

After that, if you move to a different part of the UK, just update your current address using your online account dashboard.

We can currently only offer an Arro Personal Account to customers who are living in the UK, whether permanently or on a tourist visa or other temporary visa, so please do let us know when your visit to the UK is coming to an end so we know when you will be leaving the country.

Why is the Arro Personal Account better?

The Arro Personal Account has multiple benefits for tourists staying in the UK for just a few months:

  • Instantly get a current account and debit card with British account details.
  • Get payments from friends and family back home or from your own overseas accounts.
  • Make payments by cash, card and bank transfer in pounds sterling – avoid currency exchange fees.
  • Set up regular payments e.g. rent, utilities, mobile phone fees, if you are staying for several months.
  • MasterCard® debit card in your own name, accepted more widely than prepaid currency cards.

The UK has good public internet access, so you can always get online and check your account when you need to – and if you are heading to one of the biggest tourist cities, like London, Manchester or Edinburgh, there should be plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots and free internet access in local business premises and coffee shops.

We don’t ask for the circumstances of your stay or run a credit check – so if you are in the UK for personal reasons, such as a family bereavement or to seek medical treatment, we will not pry into the details.

No matter what your reason for being here, Arro aim to offer you the best possible customer service, so if you have any problems with the British banks we are happy to be here as the alternative.

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