Personal Current Accounts made for you

We designed the Arro Personal Account to be open to all applicants over the age of 18 who live in the UK, and with no background credit checks, as long as we can verify your ID there should be no reason why you can’t open an account within minutes.

We welcome applications ranging from teenagers and students, to parents and pensioners – you can even use your Arro Personal Account as a secondary account, if you want to manage just some of your money separately.

You don’t need a good credit history or proof of your UK address history in previous years – just a current UK address to put on your application.

Who can apply?

While applications are open to all UK residents aged 18 and over, there are some groups in particular who might benefit from the quick and easy Arro Personal Account application process:

No Credit History or a Bad Credit Rating

There is no overdraft on your Arro Personal Account and we do not offer credit cards – your MasterCard® Debit Card only accesses the positive balance of your account – so no credit checks and no refusal based on a poor credit rating.

Your application won’t show on your credit history at all, so no black mark there, and by managing your money over time in an Arro Personal Account, you can start to build a more positive-looking credit file.

No UK Address History

We don’t ask for proof of your address going back five years or more, so if you don’t have utility bills in your name, you have only just started living independently or you are new to the UK, none of that should prevent you from applying.

Although you will need to have a current UK address, you don’t need to have lived there for any minimum length of time – and if you move elsewhere in the UK in future, you can keep your Arro Personal Account and just tell us your new address online.

Young People

The high street banks often entice young people into opening accounts with the offer of big overdrafts, instant approval for credit cards and so on.

With an Arro Personal Account, young people get direct control to manage their own money without all the unnecessary credit and lending, a MasterCard® Debit Card that can be used at ATMs, in shops and online, and with a unique mobile-friendly online dashboard developed by Arro.

Parental Controls

If your child still lives at home but needs financial independence, is just about to leave for university or set up their first home of their own, or if you regularly support them to pay essential bills, an Arro Personal Account offers some built-in parental controls for better peace of mind.

There’s no credit check, so it’s easy to get approval for an account in your child’s name, as long as they are old enough and live in the UK; no overdraft or credit card, so they only have access to the funds paid into the account directly; and convenient online and mobile-friendly money management for digital-era kids.

Secondary Accountholders

Whatever your reason for wanting to ringfence some of your funds, an Arro Personal Account makes a useful secondary account with its own unique sort code, account number and MasterCard® Debit Card details, so you don’t have to reveal your primary account information to anyone.

Use your card to shop online or when travelling abroad to limit access to just the funds in your Arro account, or allow groups of friends and family to contribute towards fundraising or an upcoming event – it’s up to you.

Unwanted on the High Street

If, for any other reason not already listed here, the high street banks just don’t want to give you an account, it’s likely that you will still be approved for an Arro Personal Account.

This includes past criminal convictions, bankruptcies and company director disqualifications, unusual name changes and errors on your credit file – as long as you pass the basic ID check, it shouldn’t be a problem.

How to apply

Just fill out our quick and easy online application form to apply for an Arro Personal Account – in most cases we just need your name, date of birth and UK address, plus your mobile phone number to send your virtual MasterCard® Debit Card details via SMS, and an email address for overall confirmation.

If for any reason we cannot automatically verify your identity, we may ask to see your passport or driving licence, and this usually still allows us to approve your account.

Our FAQs page answers some of the most common questions we get asked, but you can also contact us via our contact page and quote the unique application ID number from the signup page for personal support to complete your application.

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