Online banking and the Arro Personal Account – a beginner’s guide

If you’ve never used online banking or an online account like the Arro Personal Account before, you might not know what to expect – but don’t worry, because the Arro Money online dashboard is designed especially to let you manage your money online, and to be easy and intuitive to use.

At its simplest, online banking means the ability to log on and see features of your bank account via the internet. You should also be able to carry out certain transactions, although these depend on your particular account and what your bank’s online platform is capable of, too.

You can usually log on to online banking from a desktop computer with a normal internet connection. The same website may also be compatible with mobile devices, or there may be a mobile app to download and install. In some cases, the mobile app is the only option, which means you cannot manage your money from a desktop device.

In the case of the Arro Personal Account, there is no need for a mobile app because the Arro Money website dashboard is compatible with modern tablets and smartphones too – so you can always log on via the same page and get a consistent experience across all devices.

Why is online banking good?

The benefits of online banking are not really in doubt – it allows you to do things like:

  • Check your account balance any time, any place.
  • See recent transactions, sort and filter them.
  • Activate new payment cards and debit cards.
  • View and manage standing orders and Direct Debits.
  • Check your own account number and other details to give to people who owe you money.

Usually if you pay your bills by Direct Debit, you will receive notice of when a payment is due to go out – and can get online and check that you have enough money in your account.

And if you’re expecting some money to come in, it’s easy to log on and see if you have been paid as expected, whether it’s your wages from work, or some money from a friend to pay you back for breakfast or for some drinks.

While the Arro Personal Account is not technically a bank account because of the way Arro is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, it still allows you to do all of these things, just like an online bank account.

Is my online account secure?

With Arro Money’s purpose-built money management dashboard, you can be confident that your personal data and financial transactions are secure.

We built our dashboard in-house from the ground up, specifically for the job, unlike some other online account providers who license their dashboard software from third-party developers.

Ours has been scrupulously checked through every line of code by experts to ensure there are no weaknesses, and is also regularly probed from the outside by security experts to check again that there are no ways to gain unauthorised access.

You should see the padlock icon and the word ‘Secure’ when you visit the Arro Money online dashboard – this is because all data transmitted to and from the site is encrypted, to keep it safe from any prying eyes.

And because we have a mobile-responsive website, that means you benefit from the same levels of security when you log in from a mobile device, rather than using a smartphone app that is not as thoroughly tested.

Do I have to sign up in a bank?

If you open a bank account with online banking, you’ll often still have to go in person to your local branch and open a physical account there first – complete with a sort code that links it to that branch – and then use online banking just as a way to view what is primarily a real-world bank account.

The Arro Personal Account is online-only, which means it is completely designed to be managed and viewed via the website – and the application process is entirely online too.

We are proud to offer a simple signup service. You must be over 18 and live in the UK, and you must pass our Fair Fit criteria test. If you are eligible, we guarantee we will accept your application – and the process typically takes around three minutes.

Part of this includes an online ID check. It’s fast and automatic, and it means we don’t need to see any paperwork or physical ID from you – and because there’s no overdraft, we don’t even need to check your credit record.