How to keep your data safe when using social media?

What is your stormtrooper name?  Use your first pets name as your first name and the first street you lived on as your last name, what did you get?

Sounds like fun?  Or sounds like the answers to some of your online money management security questions?

Security questions are frequently still used as a tool to help users reset passwords or to confirm identities, with the idea being that no-one but you would know that your first pet was a fish called Chips right?

The informal nature of social media means that people are inadvertently sharing this information in the form of fun quizzes and whimsical question games.  Don’t forget anyone checking your profile will probably also be able to guess your birthday and other personal information.

Be aware of what you’re sharing and who can see it – probably more people than you realise.  Think of Facebook as less like your living room where you can share jokes with friends, and more like your front garden where anyone passing by might overhear.  Think about what information you’re giving away before you answer something, and how they might use it to access bank accounts or financial information.

Take a look at how you might limit how much personal information you are sharing on Facebook and what you might want to change – Action Fraud offer some guidance on this.

If you are an Arro Money account holder and concerned you have been the victim of fraud you can get in touch online.