How to book a great but cheap summer holiday

Although winter has a very unique charm and magic, after a few long months of cold and darkness we all find ourselves craving for bright days spent at the beach, having fun in the sun.

Finding your perfect escape from the cold weather doesn’t have to break the bank, here we list some tips to book a great yet cheap summer holiday.

Know when is the best time to book for you

Whether it is because of their job or because of school arrangements, some people need to plan and book their holidays well in advance. If this is your case, then the best time for you to grab a summer holiday deal is January as this is the time when flights and hotels have big sales going on.

If, on the contrary, you have no problem with traveling last minute, then you can save a lot of bucks by booking your summer holiday either a month, a week or even a day before departure. Usually airline sites have a “cheap flights” section which list flights with the lowest fares so make sure to check them out.

All inclusive vs DIY holiday

Booking holidays can be time consuming and a bit stressful, especially when you are planning to visit a destination for the first time. Because of this a lot of people end up going for an all-inclusive package with travel agents, who negotiate with airlines and hotels, in order to get a good deal. However, several analysis done by holiday comparison sites show that all-inclusive deals are usually cheapest when you are planning a 7, 10 or 14-day trip. If you are planning on having a shorter holiday, then you should plan it independently in order to make it really cost-effective.

Avoid flying during the weekend

This is probably the oldest trick in the book but is very true, if you want to save money on holiday flights, then you should fly midweek. According to data by holiday comparison sites the cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Get to know your in-and-out combinations

Another good tip to save money on your holiday -and one that is closely link to the one above- is to know when to fly in and out. This depends on the type of trip, for example, for long flights, leaving on a Thursday and returning on a Monday can help you save up to 20% than if you flew out on a Friday and came back on a Saturday. For short trips try midweek flights like flying out on a Monday and returning on Thursday.

Another good tip to book a cheap summer holiday is to avoid the usual trip length, especially when it comes to weekend getaways. Most people think that the shorter the trip the less money they will spend but this is not always the case. An average 2 night trip costs around £250 when an average 3 night trip costs £230!

Now that you have read our tips, go on and book yourself a great and cheap summer holiday. Use your Arro Early Access account to pay quickly and easily. Get yours here.