Lifestyle Solutions

Your Arro Personal Account gives you the spending power to sign up for all kinds of everyday lifestyle solutions that so many people take for granted.

The main thing is that you have a current account with its own sort code and account number, which will be recognised by banks and payment processors to allow transfers to be made to and from your Arro account.

You also receive a MasterCard debit card, allowing you to spend from your positive Arro Personal Account balance anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

Getting Started

Nobody should have to wait weeks for their account to be approved, when you want to start managing your lifestyle as quickly as possible.

With the Arro Personal Account, there’s no credit check, just an instant online ID verification process, and if all goes smoothly you can be approved within three minutes.

After that you can start transferring money into your account so you can make payments – we’ll even send your debit card details to you via SMS so you don’t have to wait for the physical card to arrive.

Managing Payments

Your Arro Personal Account sort code and account number means people can transfer funds to you, or you can move money into your account from any other current and savings accounts you might have.

Arro Personal Accounts can receive your salary or wages directly, so if you want to use Arro as your primary account, you can.

You can also use the Faster Payments Service to make payments out from your account and manage in your online dashboard for regular bills like utilities and other lifestyle outgoings.

Essential Outgoings

Managing the essentials is the first step towards enjoying your lifestyle the way you want to, and as there’s no overdraft or credit on an Arro Personal Account, you can always see exactly how much is in your budget from your account balance.

Set up Fast Payments to pay bills as one-off transfers at your own convenience – ideal if your wages are paid at different times each month, or you sometimes have more coming in.

You can access your account online at any time to manage your payments, with low admin fees depending on which type of Arro Personal Account you choose, and just reasonable charges if a payment is rejected due to a lack of funds.

Extra Treats

Once you’ve paid the basics to keep the lights on, a roof over your head and food in the fridge, you can see how much is left in your budget and start paying for any extra lifestyle treats and indulgences.

It’s surprising how many everyday items are much harder to access without a sort code, account number or debit card, or if you have a bad credit rating.

Without an active account, you might find it difficult to get approved for:

  • Mobile phone and landline telephone contracts.
  • Broadband, cable/satellite TV and games console membership contracts.
  • Payment by regular installments on your TV licence.
  • Finance deals on buying a car or big items of furniture.

You’ll usually even need to leave a debit card at the bar to set up a tab for your table when on a night out – and your Arro MasterCard is the ideal option for this too, as a place to store enough funds for your night without dipping into an overdraft facility.

Faster Approval, Less Stress

It’s not just about what your Arro Personal Account can do for you – it’s also about how straightforward the account itself is, with approval in just three minutes when we are able to confirm your identity online.

We only ask for the essential information we need to open your account, including your name, age and UK address.

You get your account number, sort code and virtual debit card details immediately, and we send your debit card security code by SMS so you can store all details securely until your physical card is delivered.

And the Arro online dashboard was developed just for us – unlike some online accounts that use generic third-party software or where the interface changes every few months.

We want to make Arro your first choice for a stress-free way to manage your own money, either as your primary account or as a secondary account, and as a simple way to pay bills and make payments to allow you to enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve.


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