5 money making hobbies to help fatten your wallet

Have you ever wished you could spend your days having fun and still get paid for it? Well, we have news for you: hobbies are not only a great way to spend your down time, they can also be a pretty good way to make money too.

So, whether you are looking to earn some extra cash or build a career doing something you love, here are some money making hobbies that will help fatten your wallet -or purse!-.


Crafts is one of the easiest hobbies to make money from, especially now the market for unique and personalised arts is so popular. Just like farmers markets, craft markets are very popular in the UK and are the perfect opportunity to sell your creations. The selling of crafts has also become more popular ever since online marketplaces, like Etsy and Not On The High Street, came into existence, giving creators the opportunity to sell their products around the globe. So, whatever your art and preferred material to work with, if you’re really good at arts and crafts, this could be your gold mine.


Although nowadays most people take photos and can make them look quite artsy (hello, Instagram!) the reality is that only a few of us are really good at it. If you happen to be one of those people then your snaps may be the way for you to earn some cash. Websites like Shutterstock, Bigstock and Flickr sell images that photographers and designers submit to their libraries. These images are used for different purposes like illustrating a blog post or to create promotional materials like posters and leaflets.

Event photography is another way of making a few extra bucks with your camera. Professional photographers are usually quite expensive so maybe you can start out by offering your services at a discounted rate to family members and friends. This will help you start a network and may even lead to some referrals. As your client base grows so will your income.

Pet sitting and walking

If you love animals, you’ll know that nothing beats a day of running around with your dog or a good long game of feather and string with your cat. So what if you could get paid for doing this?

If you spend long times at home and love animals, then pet sitting can be a good way to earn money easily, especially during holiday breaks. Established pet retreats can be very costly so maybe you can start out by approaching neighbours and handing out leaflets in your local area offering a lower rate.

Dog walking is yet another way to monetise your love for animals. In the UK dog walkers charge an average of £11.50 per dog and can take up to 15 dogs per day; let’s say that you worked 5 days per week and… well, you do the maths but from our perspective, dog walking can be a pretty good money making hobby.


If you are more of a sports lover, refereeing or umpiring can be a great way to do more of what you enjoy and get paid whilst doing it.

For most sports you will need to pass a course in order to become a qualified referee or an umpire, but generally these aren’t very expensive. Once you’re qualified then you are all set to go. Schools and recreational leagues are always on the lookout for qualified referees, so start there.

Another great thing about this hobby is that it can be applied to almost any sport, so whether you are into football, tennis, basketball, cricket or rugby, you will most likely find an opportunity to get involved with the sport you love and start earning some extra cash.


Baking is a great way to spend your free time and if you’re any good, then it can also help you to make some extra money. Everyone loves a really good cake which makes the opportunities to sell your scrumptious creations endless… Farmers markets, local bake sales, small shops, cafes or even B&B’s that you can try to contact and offer your goodies. The possibilities are endless.

As you can see, there are a million and one ways that you can monetise just about any hobby, the important thing is to be creative and imaginative. Once you have started making some cash, it is also very important to know how to manage it correctly; and Arro Early Access is the perfect solution.

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