How to save money without trying

We could tell you to cancel the gym membership, to stop smoking and car share. But you already know all of that saves money. Instead, we’re going to share our top tips to save money, without trying too hard.

  1. Out of debt, into pocket

If you finish paying off a debt, don’t celebrate and carry on spending like you used to, put what you would have spent paying it off into a savings account. You’re already used to not having that money, so you won’t miss it too much.

  1. Consider a supplier switch

We know how easy it is to get comfortable, and changing can seem like a load of effort. But this isn’t a relationship. You could save hundreds of pounds a year by changing energy supplier. To get started, grab a recent energy bill and hit the comparison sites. But make sure you use several as not every site compares the same suppliers.

  1. Paying in pays off

Set standing orders up, even it’s just £10 a week that automatically come out of your account, you won’t notice a small, regular amount leaving your account and the savings will quickly rack up.

  1. Unsubscribe from daily deals

You may think that receiving daily deals emails  is helping you save money, but actually it could be tempting you to book, buy and plan things you don’t really need. Savvy shopping is still important, but do you really need reminding every day that your favourite shop is giving you 30% off? That’s just too hard to resist. Instead, sign up to a money saving newsletter ( you know, one like ours) so that you’re reminded that saving is pretty smart.

  1. Overdraft, over spend.

If you’ve got an overdraft, close it. Or switch to an account without one. Without the option to spend more than you have, you just won’t. This may seem a little scary if you use your overdraft as a backup in emergencies, but by being smart about saving, you’ll always have a little spare for a rainy day and you’ll avoid interest charges and sneaky fees.