How to make a bank account work for you?

The Arro Personal Account online money manager platform is a great way to control your finances if you’ve ever had problems with how to make a bank account work for you.

While the Arro Personal Account is not technically a bank account, the money manager gives you many of the same capabilities, including:

  • Free incoming funds transfers via sort code and account number.
  • Ability to set up Direct Debits and make Faster Payments online.
  • View recent account transactions, MasterCard® details and card payments.
  • Filter outgoing payments by type, including online purchases.

The money manager was built from the ground up by Arro to give you everything you need to get great value for money from the Arro Personal Account.

Unlike many other online accounts, we do not use third-party software providers for our online money management platform – that means no sudden updates that change the look and feel of the platform, and no risk of having to re-register because we change supplier.

We just give you a stable, safe and secure platform to manage your money, with the capabilities you need to improve your quality of life by really making your current account work for you.

How can the Arro Personal Account improve my lifestyle?

The Arro Personal Account has no overdraft and no credit card – although you receive a MasterCard® debit card that allows you to spend from your positive account balance.

From the application process, this means less stress, as we can guarantee acceptance to anyone who meets our Fair Fit criteria.

There’s no background credit check, no stressful paperwork, just a quick online street-level verification of your identity and address that will not leave a mark on your credit file.

Compared with applying for a traditional high street bank account, the Arro Personal Account is faster and easier – and you can receive your new account details within just three minutes.

Why is Direct Debit helpful for a relaxed lifestyle?

Direct Debit can have a big impact on quality of life. Households now have more regular outgoings than ever, from electricity, gas and water bills, to council tax, home and car insurance, mobile phone contracts, internet, telephone and home entertainment subscriptions – the list goes on.

Many suppliers offer a discount when you agree to pay by Direct Debit, and even for those who do not, agreeing to regular payments in this way means you don’t have to worry about paying bills manually every month.

Remember, just one missed utility bill can leave a black mark on your credit file – so again, as long as you keep sufficient funds in your Arro Personal Account, paying by Direct Debit helps to protect your credit rating for the long term.

Managing money with your MasterCard® debit card

Every Arro Personal Account comes with an Arro cash card plus MasterCard® debit card, a single physical card that allows you to withdraw from your current account at cash machines, buy things and make payments in person using contactless, chip and pin or magnetic strip, and shop online too.

To make things even easier for you, we give you your full card details via SMS within minutes of approving your account.

While your physical MasterCard® debit card is in the post, this means you can already shop online or anywhere where you type in your card details, rather than swiping the physical card.

If you need to make a payment at short notice, this means that within a matter of minutes you can apply for an Arro Personal Account, get your account number and card details, transfer funds in via the money manager dashboard and make the payment via Faster Payments or using your virtual MasterCard®.

We challenge you to find a faster way to set up a completely new account and payment method – while in a high street bank you would be lucky to have even reached the front of the queue.

An account personal to you

All of this adds up to an account that is genuinely personal in more than just name. It’s an account that’s open to applicants of all backgrounds, even of foreign nationalities, as long as you are currently living at a UK address.

We don’t believe anyone should be blocked from managing their own money due to being a new arrival in the UK, a temporary visitor or due to past financial indiscretions – and we believe in a second chance to control your own finances.

While other providers might exclude you due to a poor credit rating, past bankruptcies or a lack of paperwork, we run only essential identity and address checks, and NO credit checks, ever, allowing us to accept every eligible application and give you the tools to live – and spend – with the best possible quality of life.