Set up a bank account to pay for iTunes

While iTunes was originally just the name of the computer software made by Apple to play MP3 music files and other multimedia on computers, these days most people use it to refer to the digital store where you can buy, stream and download everything from the latest chart music and albums, to video content including movies and TV shows.

If you need to download an app for an Apple tablet or smartphone, you will often also be sent to the iTunes Store, even if the app is free.

To pay for premium content, you’ll need to set up a valid payment method – and the options are surprisingly limited.

They include iTunes gift vouchers, which are widely available and can be redeemed online to pay for songs and other content.

But if you want to buy anything with your own money, you’ll typically need a bank account or credit card – you can also use PayPal, but you’ll need a way to pay money into your PayPal account to cover the cost anyway.

Get iTunes with a debit or credit card

To buy things from iTunes you first set up an Apple ID, which can also be used to buy storage on Apple’s iCloud platform, books from the separate iBooks Store, or phone apps in the App Store.

You will have to provide a payment method in order to create your Apple ID, and this is when you need to have your credit card or debit card handy.

If you don’t have a credit card, your bank account doesn’t come with a debit card, or you just don’t want to use your primary current account for iTunes – or if you don’t have a bank account at all – don’t worry, as you can set up an instant online current account with MasterCard® debit card and proceed with your Apple ID registration.

How to get an instant online account to pay for iTunes

The Arro Personal Account is one way you can get a MasterCard® debit card in under five minutes that will allow you to complete setting up your Apple ID.

You must be over 18 and live in the UK, and there’s a simple Fair Fit test to make sure you’re eligible, but if you are, we promise to accept your application.

All we need is your name, date of birth, UK address, and the contact details where to send your account number – including crucially, a mobile phone number that we can text your debit card number to.

We will send you a physical MasterCard® with your name embossed on it too, but by texting you your details via SMS first, you can finish setting up your Apple ID straight away.

What about proof of ID and credit checks?

First of all, there’s no overdraft on an Arro Personal Account, and the debit card spends directly from your account balance – unlike a credit card where you get a bill at the end of the month for anything you have spent.

That means there’s not actually any credit involved at all when you take out an Arro Personal Account, we don’t need to check your credit rating, and we will not reject you no matter what your credit score is.

If you’ve had financial problems in the past or are still struggling with debt, this makes an Arro Personal Account a way to get access to common ways of paying and sending money – including a debit card – so you can start to get your spending back on track free from the temptation of a big overdraft facility.

What an Arro Personal Account gives you

Every Arro Personal Account gives you a MasterCard® debit card that you can use in shops and for cash machine withdrawals – plus as mentioned, we send you the details upfront via SMS so you can use your virtual card online the same day.

The account has a sort code and account number, using the standard format you see on high street bank accounts, so you can accept transferred funds from ordinary bank accounts directly into your Arro Personal Account.

You also have a powerful online dashboard with access to Faster Payments and Direct Debits (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!), so you can use the same account to pay other bills as well as your iTunes membership, if you wish.

We offer a ‘pay as you go’ tariff with no application fee and no monthly management fee – just low transaction fees depending on how you use the account – and we make sure all our fees and tariffs are published online so you can choose the structure that works best for you.