Arro Early Access

You asked for a straightforward way to manage your money; at Arro, we heard you loud and clear.

There are some things in life that we simply cannot wait for, like that relaxing getaway you’ve been planning for months, the next season of that TV show you love and, as you’ve all told us, a simple and straightforward current account.

That’s why we are bringing Arro Early Access to you, now.

Arro Early Access is our beta account which, apart from not having a monthly management fee until 16th September 2017, gives you a load of features and benefits to help you make life more straightforward:

  • Instant access to a sort code and account number
  • Arro contactless MasterCard to shop online and in store
  • The ability to receive and make payments straight away
  • Personalised dashboard to help keep track of your payments, spending and savings

Why a beta account?

The answer is simple… Because you need an account that will help you stay in control of your money, now.

Your feedback overwhelmingly said that having access to an account as soon as possible was the most important thing to you. And we listened.

If you sign up now for Arro Early Access you will get some of the core benefits of our current account for FREE until the full version is introduced. Once we launch officially, you will have access to even more useful features such as direct debit and standing order set-up.

That’s not all though… Extra features like international payments and overdraft facility will be added over the next twelve months; so you can count on your Arro account to only get better.

The waiting for a simple and straightforward account is over, sign up to get Arro Early Access now.