Can I get an Arro Money account?

To be eligible for an Arro Money account you need to be over the age of 18 and live at a UK address, and it is unlikely that we would not be able to approve you for an account.

A majority of applicants can be approved right away, but on occasion we might need to ask for some proof identification. We can verify ID from 160 different countries so not being a UK citizen need not be an issue.

A great alternative to a high street bank account

Is my credit history going to be a problem?

An Arro Money account does not offer any form of credit – no overdraft and it is not a credit card – therefore we don’t do any credit checks. If you have had credit issues in the past and are turned down for a current account elsewhere because of this, Arro Money is a good alternative to a high street bank. As we don’t offer credit, it also means you only spend what you have – there is no temptation to get into debt.

The Arro personal card

  • No credit means
    no credit checks

  • Get an account number and sort code straight away

  • No paperwork, no appointments

  • Make payments with contactless Mastercard®

  • Set up standing orders and direct debits (coming soon)

  • Shop online and in store

  • Select your perfect plan



    From £5.00 per month

    A low monthly fee and reduced usage costs!



    From £10.00 per month

    Big savings and additional features for heavy users!

Without a bank account I was paying more for everything

“I needed an alternative to a High-Street Bank account and Arro made everything really easy. Not only did I get instant access to my account once it was set up, but the costs were straightforward and there were no hidden fees, so I knew exactly what I was getting.”

Amanda Freeman

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Do I need years of address history for an Arro Money account?

No, we need to check where you live and might use street level verification to do so, but we do not need to check your address history going back years. As long as you currently have a UK address, we’re happy with that. This includes temporary accommodation, student halls or shared housing.

We do need you to keep your address up to date though, so if you move, you’ll need to log in and change your address as soon as possible.

Can I get an Arro Money account if I already have another money management account?

You can use Arro Money as your primary account as many of our customers do, but also as a secondary account if you wanted a separate account for spending money for example. Having a separate account for spending money can help you to budget and stop your spending from getting out of hand.

We don’t ask for information on any other bank accounts you have and are happy for you to use your Arro Money account as you see fit.

Sign up in 3 minutes with no credit checks.