Everything you need to know about your account and security numbers

It’s no surprise that running your finances involves a lot of figures, but when it comes to accounts and security, you might find the different numbers confusing.

We’ve broken it down for you – here are all the numbers involved in running an Arro account and what they mean for you.


Sort Code:  Your sort code is a unique 6-digit number used in the UK clearing system to identify bank branches and electronic money wallet providers. You will need your Arro sort code to receive payments, including your salary, in the same way you need your individual account number.

Account number: We provide you with an individual account number for your Arro account, just like a high street bank would. This means that you can receive payments directly into your Arro account.  You will receive your account number details on a welcome email as soon as you’re approved for an Arro account, this can also be viewed on your dashboard page.

Customer ID:  In the same way that we provide you with an account number, we also set up your own individual Customer ID and you will need this to log in to your account dashboard.  This is a 10-digit number and can be found on your welcome email you would have received from Arro. If you’ve forgotten your Customer ID, all you need to do is go to the login screen and click ‘Forgot your customer ID?’

Password:  This is not technically just a number, it includes letters too.  You will have created your Password when you set up your Arro account.  You will need to use your password at the first stage of logging into your account, and you should never share this with anyone, Arro will never ask you to provide us with your Password.  If you’ve forgotten your password, all you need to do is go to the login screen and click ‘Forgot your password?’

Six-digit Security Number:  When you opened your Arro account, we asked you to create a 6-digit Security Number that you would remember, each time you log into your Arro account we will ask you to provide us with three random digits from this number. Arro will never ask you to provide us with your 6-digit Security Number and you should never share this with anyone. This is different to the Security Code you receive by text to your mobile phone. If you have forgotten your Security Number, all you need to do is log in to your account by using your Customer ID and Password, and when you get to the section that requires you to enter this number, just click the link ‘Forgot your security number?’

Security Code: When you log in to your Arro account you will receive a one-time use code to the mobile number registered on the account, when logging in using a new or different device. This is different to your 6-digit Security Number which you set up when you opened your Arro account

Personal Identification Number – (PIN): You will need your PIN to use your card to make purchases in shops and to withdraw cash at an ATM. Your PIN was sent to the mobile number registered on the your Arro account when the account was set up. If you have deleted this message, log in to your account, go to your profile page and request the PIN to be resent.

Mobile Number: When you open an Arro account we ask you to register your mobile number, it is vital that you keep us up to date if you ever change your mobile number, as we will use this number to send you security texts when you log in to your Arro account.  We will also use your mobile number to send you other important messages, including resending your PIN.  If you have changed your mobile number, you will need to update our records by sending in a request, this can be done by filling in the online contact form.  We are unable to update your mobile number through the online dashboard for security reasons.