What is the limit on cash machine withdrawals?

Cash machines are a convenient way to get your hands on your money when you need it – whether you have an account with a high street bank or an online money services provider, making a withdrawal from a cash machine puts some bank notes in your pocket so you can buy things even where cards are not accepted.

But if you’re planning to make a big purchase using cash – or even lots of little ones, such as a busy day of Christmas shopping or an action-packed summer day trip – you might reasonably wonder how much you can withdraw from an ATM in a single day.

The exact answer depends on a few things, including the terms and conditions of your account. Standard bank current accounts normally let you withdraw up to £250-300, although this can increase to around £750 on premium bank accounts, usually with a monthly fee or a minimum monthly deposit in the terms of the account.

Practical limits on ATM withdrawals

Although they are not technically daily limits on ATM withdrawals, there are certain other things that can, in practical terms, put a limit on how much you can take out of a cash machine.

For example, you are of course limited by how much is in the account. You might have an overdraft on the account, but generally speaking, the account balance will naturally have an effect on whether or not you can hit your withdrawal limit for the day.

You can also obviously only withdraw up to as much cash as is in the ATM. At peak times – in the run-up to Christmas, sunny summer weekends and bank holidays for example – it’s not uncommon for cash machines to run short, so you may only be able to withdraw £20 notes instead of £10 notes, or the machine may even be empty.

ATM withdrawals from an Arro Personal Account

With an Arro Personal Account you can withdraw up to £250 in cash from any suitable ATM – and as your Arro cash card is a MasterCard® debit card, it should be accepted at the vast majority of cash machines throughout the UK.

Remember too that if you need to spend more than this in any one day, you can still make direct card purchases using chip and pin, contactless payments or the magnetic stripe where necessary.

Again, as it’s a MasterCard® debit card, you should have no problem using it to make purchases in most places where cards are accepted – unlike some basic bank accounts that only give you a cash card compatible with that bank’s own ATMs and not in-store.

Alternatives to cash machine withdrawals

There are other ways to manage your money with an Arro Personal Account, so you might not need to withdraw cash from an ATM at all.

As well as the card payments mentioned above, you can also enter your card details in online checkouts to place an order – we even send you your card number via SMS when you open a new account, so you can do this before the physical MasterCard® reaches you in the post.

The Arro Money online money management dashboard gives you access to set up Faster Payments and Direct Debits (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!), so you can make one-off or regular money transfers to pay bills and other costs.

Some shops might even offer cashback when you make a card payment, so that you can pay more on your card and get the extra back as cash out of the till – a handy way to get more in your pocket if an ATM is empty or you’ve hit your limit for the day.

Get an Arro Personal Account with MasterCard® ATM card

We guarantee to accept all eligible applications, subject to our simple criteria. You must be over 18, live at a UK address, and pass our basic Fair Fit test to ensure an Arro Personal Account is right for you.

As long as you meet these basic criteria, you can usually open an Arro Personal Account in three minutes with your name, date of birth, UK address and some simple contact details so we can send you your account number, virtual MasterCard® debit card and online money management platform login details.

Every Arro Personal Account comes with its own MasterCard® debit card – first we send you the card details via SMS so you don’t have to wait to start using it online, and then we send the physical card out in the post so it’s with you as soon as possible.

This acts as both your Arro cash card plus MasterCard® debit card, so you only need to use the one card for ATM withdrawals, contactless transactions, chip and pin, and online purchases too.