International Student Bank Accounts

About International Students

International students account for the largest number of visa applications in the UK apart from visitor visas for business, leisure or medical treatments – 8% of all visas and over a third of non-visitor visas.

More than half of all international students come from China, the USA and India, over 100,000 people each year, while many more come to study for up to six months from countries that do not need a student visa for a short-term stay.

Despite the large number of people coming to the UK to study, international student bank accounts can be very hard to get from the UK’s traditional banks.

Why open an Arro Personal Account?

You may be asked to show proof of being accepted on to a study course or degree programme, as well as proof of your UK address, before you will be given a student bank account in the UK for international students.

Arro is different. We are not a bank, so we can do things our own way. We offer international student bank accounts that you can open in minutes, with automatic online ID checks so you do not need to prove your address yourself.

How does it work?

You must be living in the UK when you apply for your Arro Personal Account, as we cannot accept applications from overseas – but we process your registration within minutes once you fill in the simple online form.

We use online databases to check your ID, but there is no credit check, so it does not matter if you have no credit history, address history or banking history in the UK.

The databases we use cover 160 countries, including all of the main countries for international students visiting the UK to study – so in most cases, your application will be accepted within three minutes and we can open your international student current account immediately.

What do I get?

Although the Arro Personal Account is not a bank account, it has many of the same features you would expect from an international student bank account.

For example, you will get:

  • A sort code and account number – this lets you accept payments and online transfers from the UK and overseas.
  • A MasterCard® debit card – this lets you make card payments and shop online in pounds sterling.
  • An online dashboard where you can see what you have spent and how much is left.
  • The ability to set up Direct Debits (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!) to pay regular bills, e.g. electricity and mobile phone.

Your MasterCard® debit card doubles as an Arro cash card for ATM withdrawals, so you can always get cash from your account balance when you need it, and we will even text you your card number when you sign up, so you can shop online using the card details from your SMS until the physical card arrives.

What you DON’T need

Applying for an Arro Personal Account is easy and we guarantee to accept all applicants aged 18 or over, with a UK contact address, who meet our basic Fair Fit test.

Remember, you DO NOT NEED:

  • Any address history in the UK – just a current postal address here.
  • Any credit rating – we do not check your credit file at all.
  • Time to wait – we approve applications instantly using automated ID checks.
  • A local branch – Arro is entirely online, no meetings, no waiting in line.

Arro does not lend money on credit cards, overdrafts or personal loans. The money in your account is yours – you can transfer it in from your own accounts back home, let friends and family send you money to help out, or even get paid directly into your Arro Personal Account if you get a job while you are studying in the UK.

When it’s time to go home, just let us know. You can easily transfer your account balance back to your own bank account in your home country, or withdraw some or all of it as cash from a UK cash machine if you prefer.

Arro only offer accounts to customers who are based in the UK, but we are happy to provide international student accounts for however long your course lasts and if you decide to stay in the UK for some time afterwards too.

We also understand that students often change address before the start of a new academic year, so as long as you are still living in the UK, just let us know online if you need to update your contact details.

So you’re interested in an Arro account?

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