How to get a UK account for students from Vietnam

A bank account in pounds sterling is a useful thing for any international student to have, but it is not always easy to get access to UK banking for students from Vietnam.

The two countries are some 10,000 km apart – over 6,000 miles – with an average flight time of over eleven hours, so it’s important to be able to live independently during your time in the UK, with help from home so far away.

A UK bank account helps you to keep in touch, as it not only allows you to receive scholarships, bursaries, sponsorship and student loans from UK institutions, but also wages from any part-time jobs you get during your studies, along with international money transfers sent by family back home to help you out.

A fresh start

At the start of each academic year in the UK there is traditionally a week of social events, partying and celebration known as Freshers Week – described by the British Council in Vietnam as “a great way to find out what’s on and join anything that interests you”.

The week usually involves going out for food and drink in the evenings, with some more academic events in the daytime, such as a chance to join any of the special interest clubs your university may have on offer.

You may need to pay membership fees upfront or buy equipment such as sports clothing if you join a particular sport club, so it’s good to have your finances up and running even from the first week of term.

A fast route to UK banking for students from Vietnam

Unfortunately the UK banking system is not known for handling applications, enquiries and requests quickly, and the application process for Vietnam students is no different.

Your chosen bank will probably have a suitable international student account, but they may want you to attend meetings in person with an international banking advisor, and they may even put criteria on the account like a minimum total balance or a minimum monthly deposit.

If you just want an account you can use to budget a fairly small amount of spending money week on week, for example if some of your major costs like tuition are fully sponsored or are being paid from back home, then a UK bank current account might be more difficult to set up.

This could lead to delays or might see the banks offer you a more basic account with limited capabilities, if they don’t feel that you meet their normal criteria – and in the worst case, you might be rejected completely with no alternative account offered.

Is there an alternative?

There is – the Arro Personal Account is worth considering if you are new to the UK, as you can apply in as little as three minutes once you arrive and know where you will be living here.

We only need your name, date of birth and UK address, plus a few contact details so we can send you your account number and virtual MasterCard® debit card details once your account is approved.

As long as you are over 18, have a UK address – even if it is only a term-time address during your studying – we guarantee to approve an account for everyone who passes our simple Fair Fit test.

There is no credit check, no need to prove years of address history, and no need for us to see written letters from your university or college to confirm that you are here as an international student.

Get an account in 3 minutes

It’s easy to apply for an Arro Personal Account, your application will not appear on your credit file, we will not check your credit rating, and there is no application fee – and as long as you are eligible, we guarantee to accept every application we can.

Just fill in our quick three-minute signup form online to tell us:

  • Your name.
  • Where you will be living in the UK.
  • Your date of birth to confirm you are over 18.
  • Your contact details so we can send you your account and debit card numbers.

We run an online ID check against databases from 160 different countries, so your nationality of origin is not a problem for us accepting your application.

As soon as we verify the information you have given us, your account will be opened. We send your account number and debit card details to you immediately, along with access to the Arro Money online dashboard so you can start paying funds into your account, ready to spend in Freshers Week and beyond.