A UK account for students from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the seventh-largest non-EU source for international students in the UK, with up to around 9,000 students each year choosing to travel from Saudi Arabia to the UK for their studies, according to UKCISA.

Like other top-ranked countries for international students in the UK, that means there are a lot of academics arriving from Saudi Arabia at the same time each September – and that means appointments in banks with international banking advisors can quickly become over-subscribed.

The Arro Personal Account is different. There are no face-to-face meetings and no consultations required before you apply. Just fill in the quick three-minute signup form and we will give you an instant decision, with guaranteed acceptance for all eligible applicants.

When can I apply?

We can only approve applications from people who live in the UK. Because of this, you must have already arrived into the UK and be able to provide us with your current UK residential address at signup.

In many cases you might find the high street banks claim to offer an advanced approval service – for example if you contact them 30 days before your date of travel – but in practice there can still be lengthy delays on arrival into the UK before your account is actually set up.

With the Arro Personal Account you get the same treatment as any UK applicant – approval in around three minutes, followed immediately by your account details sent to your email address and an SMS containing your MasterCard® debit card number.

What else do I need?

As well as a UK address, you must be over 18. In most cases, that is the only other essential requirement. We run a simple online identity check to verify who you are – part of the Know Your Customer commitment to prevent fraudulent account activity – but we never need to run a credit check.

Our KYC check can verify ID against databases from 160 countries, making it an excellent way to approve applications from international students and other applicants who are new to the UK, without delay.

We also ask for some simple contact details, which are just a way for us to send you your account details and MasterCard® number, and keep in touch with any important updates about your account in the future.

What do I get?

You benefit from an account that is set up and local to the UK, with a balance in pounds sterling that you can use to make payments and purchases here in the UK without incurring foreign exchange fees at the point of sale.

Each Arro Personal Account has a sort code and account number, just as you would see on a bank account, so you can receive money transfers in the usual ways – and we do not charge a fee for receiving funds into your account.

Your Arro Personal Account does not stop you from being able to spend in cash when you want to. Your MasterCard® debit card also works as your account’s cash card for ATM withdrawals, so when you need to buy something and cannot pay online or by card, cash is still an option from ATMs nationwide.

Getting paid in the UK

If you get a job while you are in the UK, your wages or salary can be paid directly into your Arro Personal Account using your sort code and account number, just as they would be with a traditional bank account.

You should also be able to receive any loans or grants into your Arro Personal Account in the same way, along with any scholarships you may qualify for from your chosen university.

Finally, if you share the responsibility for household bills with other people in your current UK home, an Arro Personal Account is a great way to set up Direct Debits (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!) to utility providers – and remember, as we do not charge for money transfers into your account, you will not pay anything when your friends transfer funds to you for their part of the bills.

Apply for an Arro Personal Account

You can apply for an Arro Personal Account as soon as you arrive in the UK. You must be over 18 and you must have a UK residential address, but this can be rented or temporary, as we appreciate that students often move around a lot.

Just fill in the quick three-minute signup form to tell us:

  • Your name.
  • Your UK address.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your contact details.

We will run our automated ID check and ‘Fair Fit’ criteria test to make sure you are eligible, and if all goes well, we guarantee to accept your application and will send your account details and debit card number to you immediately.