Get a account for students from Taiwan

The process to get a UK bank account for students from Taiwan can be long-winded and difficult, and even if you speak good English, some of the technical words used by the banks might still be unfamiliar to you.

One result of this is that appointments with international banking advisors can quickly get booked up, leaving you to wait hours, days or even longer to speak to someone who is able to translate or explain those specific words to you.

Why do the banks make it so difficult to get an account? It’s hard to say, although sometimes they prefer only to accept students who are bringing quite high deposits with them, so that the account is likely to hold quite a lot of money throughout your time in the UK.

If you don’t have so much to deposit when you open your UK bank account, perhaps because you plan to work while you are here and live using your wages, you might find it more difficult to get a bank account – so what are the options?

Getting to the UK

You will usually need to be in the UK or about to travel here before you can apply for an international student account anyway – so it’s a good idea to look for options that take as little time as possible from applying to being accepted and getting the details of your new account.

For example, the Arro Personal Account can take just three minutes to set up, with an application process based entirely online and automatic approval if you are over 18, meet our Fair Fit criteria, and we can verify your ID.

You do have to be in the UK in order to apply, as we need to know your UK address, but you don’t need to be a permanent resident – we can provide the Arro Personal Account to students who are here temporarily to study and it’s OK if you move to a different address during your time here, as long as you still live in the UK.

The Arro Personal Account was created in part to give people who are new to the UK a way to get a current account with a sort code and account number, as well as an Arro cash card plus MasterCard® debit card – and all of this combines to give you some financial freedom to make the most of your time in the country.

Enjoy your time in the UK

The British Council in Taiwan has plenty of suggestions when it comes to enjoying your time in the UK, including social events like Freshers Week, the traditional first week of term when many parties and meet-ups are arranged, and joining university sports clubs and special interest groups.

One thing students from Taiwan might particularly like to look out for is snow – the British Council even suggests having a snowball fight, if you happen to be studying in the UK during a snowy winter.

Each year on average there are more than two weeks during which there is snow on the ground in the UK, and over three weeks in which some snow falls – although this is more likely in Scotland and over higher ground in England, and least likely in Cornwall in the south-west.

Many students from Taiwan may have never seen snowfall in a city, so this is one experience the UK can offer that could add some completely unique memories to your time as an academic here.

How to apply

The UK is famous for its weather, and one old saying is “save it for a rainy day” – which means keeping some money ready for when you need it most.

With an Arro Personal Account, you can keep your money in an account with a balance in pounds sterling, so you avoid currency exchange fees when you spend from it.

You can spend online using your MasterCard® debit card, or pay by card in shops. You can transfer money online via Faster Payments or pay household bills by Direct Debit (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!). You can even withdraw cash from ATMs.

To get all of this, just fill in the quick online signup form. It’s fast and easy, even if English is not your first language.

We just need your name, date of birth and UK address, as well as a few contact details we can send your account number and card details to.

Just three minutes later we should have your account up and running, and those details will be sent to you immediately so you can start depositing into your new Arro Personal Account and spending on the things that matter to you.