How to get a UK account for people seeking work from Australia

Although the two countries are 9,000 miles apart, Australia and the UK are both members of the Commonwealth and share a common language, so it’s no surprise that 135,000 people currently living in the UK were born in Australia.

There are different reasons for this – and some people born in Australia have British nationality – but 86,000 people living in the UK in the year to July 2017 were Australian nationals, whether they came to study, work, or just for an extended visit.

Each of those people needs to be able to live and spend during their stay – and it’s much easier to do that with a local current account, a balance in pounds sterling, and a cash card that can be used in shops, for online purchases, and to make cash withdrawals from ATMs in the UK without foreign exchange fees.

Get a bank account on arrival in the UK

Many of the high street banks will only start your application process when you arrive in the UK, or sometimes within 30 days of your date of arrival – but their application procedures can be long and drawn out, and they might expect you to meet in person with an international banking advisor when you get here.

Sorting out your money is important, but you might not want to spend your first hours and days in the UK waiting in line to see a bank manager, when you could be settling into your new home, seeing the sights, or even looking for work if you arrive without a job already lined up.

There is an alternative to sitting around in a British bank for hours on end though – the Arro Personal Account offers guaranteed approval if you’re eligible, you can open an account in just three minutes, you get a UK sort code and account number, and it’s based online so you can manage your money from any internet connection on desktop or mobile.

Is Arro Personal Account a bank account?

Arro are not regulated as a bank, but as a provider of electronic money services – we don’t have physical branches anywhere, but you still get a sort code just as you would from a bank.

This means that although the Arro Personal Account is not a bank account in the regulatory sense, you can still do the kinds of things you would expect from a UK bank current account.

Crucially, people can pay you using your sort code and account number just as easily as they would pay into any UK bank account – ideal if you just need to open a current account in the UK as quickly as possible so you can start work and get your wages paid into it.

When it comes to paying out from your account, you have plenty of the usual options too:

  • Faster Payments to transfer money to other people’s accounts from the Arro Money online dashboard.
  • Direct Debits (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!) to pay monthly bills to authorised suppliers (e.g. electricity, gas, telephone bills).
  • ATM withdrawals using your Arro Money cash card to get your wages out as cash.
  • Chip and pin or contactless card payments using your MasterCard® debit card.
  • Online purchases using your MasterCard® details.

We even send you your debit card details via SMS when you register an Arro Personal Account – acting as a kind of virtual MasterCard® you can use online until your physical card arrives in the post.

Get an Arro Personal Account

You must be in the UK to apply for an Arro Personal Account, but the application process takes just three minutes and we guarantee to give an account to everybody who is eligible for one.

To get an account, you must be:

  • Living in the UK (even if you only just arrived the day you apply).
  • Over 18 (we ask for your date of birth on the signup form).
  • Eligible under our simple ‘Fair Fit’ test.

Importantly, you DO NOT NEED:

  • A positive credit rating (we don’t check your credit rating at all).
  • A UK address history (you can apply the day you move in, if you want).
  • A UK financial/employment history (you can still be jobhunting).

Just fill in the quick online form and we will let you know immediately if there’s a reason why we can’t offer you an account. It won’t show on your credit file or affect any applications you make with the high street banks, and if you’re approved you’ll get your account number and card details through in minutes.