Access to a UK account for people seeking work from the USA

Roughly one in every 400 people living in the UK was born in the USA – equivalent to about 163,000 people in total – and there are all kinds of reasons for making the move.

Some are UK nationals who happened to be born in the US, but nearly 140,000 are of US nationality, and many of those choose to move to the UK in order to find work or start a business of their own.

Good access to UK banking for people from USA seeking work in the UK is an important step towards managing your money better, including your wages, salary or self-employed income, but it can be difficult to get a full UK bank account quickly when you are new to the UK.

UK banking and other options for USA nationals

If you need an account quickly so you can get paid directly into a UK current account, the mainstream banks might not be the best option. They often need lots of proof of ID, proof of UK address and employment status, and so on.

Arro Money offer accounts with a simple online ID check, so you don’t have to provide us with paperwork yourself – it’s not a credit check and will not show on your credit file, and we can check ID from 160 different countries including the USA.

We don’t need long-term address history, just a current UK address, and you don’t need to be a permanent UK resident. It doesn’t matter where you were born or what your official nationality is, if you are living in the UK we can give you an account in minutes, subject to our Fair Fit criteria and basic account eligibility.

How long do I need to be in the UK?

Again, the high street banks may expect you to commit to staying in the UK for a specified length of time, and it could take days or even weeks to open a new bank account when you first get here.

You can apply for an Arro Personal Account the day you arrive in the UK and successful applications take as little as three minutes – we guarantee to accept you if we can, subject to you being over 18, having a current UK address and passing our basic Fair Fit test.

We can provide you with an Arro Personal Account for as long as you remain in the UK. If you decide to leave at a later date or your time here runs out, it’s easy to transfer any remaining funds out of your account and into your regular bank account back home.

Of course you can also spend any remaining funds if you wish, using your MasterCard® debit card online or in shops, or at ATMs around the UK to withdraw your money as cash, usually in multiples of £5 or £10.

Here to stay?

If you have no plans to leave the UK in the future, that’s great too – many Arro Personal Account holders are natural UK citizens or international visitors with indefinite leave to remain here for work, and there’s nothing to stop you from using your Arro Personal Account indefinitely.

Unlike some of the international bank accounts you’ll find on the high street, we don’t enforce an end date or move you on to a different account if you stay in the UK long-term, so the features and fees on your account will not change just because you stay here for longer.

Get an Arro Personal Account today

If you have already arrived in the UK to start work, or to seek employment here, you can apply for an Arro Personal Account – we don’t ask any intrusive questions about whether or not you have already found a job, we just need to verify that you have a current UK residential address and are over the age of 18.

This makes an Arro Personal Account a great current account for people from the USA seeking work in the UK, as having a sort code and account number already set up means you can give employers a way to pay you electronically, rather than requiring your wages to be paid as cash.

Apply on our quick three-minute signup page by telling us your name, date of birth (to confirm your age is over 18), current UK address (you MUST be living here when you apply) and a few contact details so we can send you your account details and MasterCard® debit card number.