We get feedback from our customers that there are ‘a lot of numbers to remember’ when logging into their account. The fact of the matter is, to log in to your account with Arro Money, for security reasons you will need to know your password and the 6-digit security number.

Another number in our security process is the ‘one time use’ number we occasionally text you to ensure that it is really you logging in and making payments. This is part of our two step verification process.

Two step verification on making payments

The ability to make payments from your account online means increased convenience but we don’t want to leave you open to fraud, and it is for that reason that when setting up a new payee, we use two step verification. Two step verification is an additional step of security to check you are who you say you are when transferring money and involves us texting you a number to enter in to the dashboard to prove your identity.

This means that on the off chance someone manages to get your log in information, they won’t be able to transfer money unless they also have access to your mobile phone.

(You can’t change your mobile phone on the Arro dashboard, you need to contact our team for that for security reasons.)

What if someone has my phone?

The hole in this process is potentially if someone steals or has access to your phone. It is important you take security precautions with your mobile. Always keep it locked either by a secure PIN, password, pattern or using your fingerprint.

Don’t save your log in details onto your browser when it comes to online banking. It might seem easier but it’s a lot less secure.

What does two step verification mean for an Arro Money account holder?

It means your money is more secure, and we think that’s worth an additional step in making a payment.

It also means, you need to keep your mobile number up to date in order to be able to make payments, so if yours is out of date, contact the customer support team to update it today!