Opening a bank account without proof of address

Everyone wants fast, fair banking. But if you’re new to the UK, there’s one big problem stopping you from getting a bank account. Proof of address.

When you arrive in the UK, whether for studies or work, you’ll need to do two things: find somewhere to live and get a bank account. But, here’s the problem. To rent or buy a home, you need a bank account. And, to get a bank account, you need proof of address. It’s a Catch-22 situation, and we think it’s not fair on people like you.

It’s not a problem limited to foreign nationals, either. Even people who have lived in the UK all their lives can struggle to get proof of address if the bills have been in someone else’s name or they don’t already have a bank account. But, there are ways around this problem and Arro can help.

So, what are your options?

First, you could go in for a chat with the bank manager to explain your situation and see if they can bend the rules. Some banks will give you a flat-out ‘no’, but some might consider a different type of address confirmation, like a contract of employment from your new employer. But, with a long wait ahead of you – around 8 weeks to open an account with a UK high street bank – and no guarantee you’ll actually get an account, it’s not exactly ideal.  

At Arro, we like to make it as easy as possible for you. That’s why we’re flexible with the proof of address needed and only ask for it if our records don’t match. Our account gives you instant access to your money. There are no credit checks, and no hidden charges. It’s simple, transparent, and brilliantly quick.

Your other option is to look for special accounts. There are a few high street banks offering current accounts designed for people new to the UK. But, a word of warning: these accounts often come with lots of hidden charges and a contract that ties you into the account for a year. If you’re thinking about opening one of these accounts, make sure you check the small print.

How does Arro work?

Just fill out our quick application form online and you’ll have instant access to your account. We’ll send you a contactless Mastercard® debit card in the post, so you can shop online, in-store and withdraw cash from ATMs – all for free. We’ll provide you with And with account number and a sort code, which means you can pay in money and start receiving your salary right away.

Your Arro account even lets you manage your money online – from paying bills to transferring money or checking your balance – just like a traditional bank account. Only better. Much better. Without the usual red tape, charges and long delays.