Can I open a personal account from a temporary address?

We all move house from time to time, and for many of us there are also times when we are at an address only temporarily.

It might be that your old house sold before your new property purchase completed, or that you have only just moved to the UK to study or to work – or you might have moved in with friends or family to save money.

Whatever the reason, living at a temporary address can make it difficult to access credit and other financial products, as well as to open some other accounts like utility supply contracts and telecoms.

The problem comes when you are asked for proof of address and don’t have any – or even if you have proof of your temporary accommodation, you might be asked for proof of previous addresses that you just don’t have anymore.

Without this, you might be rejected for any number of products – and each new application when you try again can appear on your credit report and gradually bring down even the best credit score.

If you’ve been forced to seek temporary accommodation following a fire or flood, or while you deal with a difficult financial period, you probably don’t want to worsen your credit score – so what are the options?

Get proof of temporary address

Proof of address is often a sticking point in these kinds of applications, even if you have lived there for some time, as you can’t use the same ID to prove both your name and your address.

That can leave some people scrambling to find an alternative way to prove their address – which can actually help you out if you’re staying somewhere just temporarily.

If you can get a document that would be considered proof of a permanent address, there’s a reasonable chance of it being accepted as proof of your current temporary address too.

You probably can’t get added to the electoral roll or the tenancy agreement, but you could try transferring one of the utilities into your name and requesting a bill to be sent through the post, or getting a signed statement from your GP with your name and current address on it.

Ultimately though with a temporary address, you are going to be choosing from quite far down the list when it comes to the preferred methods of proving you live there – and not all banks may be prepared to accept those methods, especially when opening an account with an overdraft, or applying for a loan or credit card.

Current accounts with no proof of address

If you simply cannot prove your current address – because it’s temporary, or you have no documents with it on, or the bills aren’t in your name, or even because you only just moved to the UK – then you might be better off looking for current accounts with no proof of address needed at all.

The Arro Personal Account is one of these. We ask for your address when you fill in the signup form, but we don’t need you to send us any proof of it in most cases, and we don’t need years and years of prior address history – which is great news if you’re new to the UK, move around a lot, or have been living somewhere sensitive in recent years.

We also don’t need to run a credit check, so if you’ve damaged your credit score trying to open an account from your temporary address, it won’t hurt your chances of getting an Arro Personal Account. And because we don’t check your credit file, your application with us won’t appear on there or damage your score further.

You simply have to be over 18 and live in the UK right now, even if you are not a permanent resident or a British national, and we have some simple Fair Fit criteria to make sure the account is right for you.

If it is, we guarantee to accept your application – and we can verify your ID using a quick online check of databases for 160 different countries, so if you’re new to the UK, we’ve got you covered.

Within just three minutes we can have a new account open for you with online access to your account admin dashboard, a sort code and account number for incoming transfers, Faster Payments and Direct Debit (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!) for outgoing payments, and a MasterCard® debit card for ATM withdrawals, card payments and online shopping.