Will Arro need to check my credit record?

A poor credit record, or no credit record at all, can make it difficult to be approved for some financial products in the UK.

This is especially true of bank accounts that can usually come with some form of lending, so even if you don’t actually want credit in the form of a credit card or overdraft you might get your credit checked on the theory that you might in the future.

The Arro Personal Account doesn’t have an overdraft or credit card, so there is no credit and therefore no need for a credit check. You still get a Mastercard® for contactless payments and use at cash machines, but it’s a debit card with no offering to go overdrawn.

Sign up with no credit checks.

What if my credit rating is bad?

A bad credit rating can mean you have managed money badly in the past, or it might just mean that you have not had your own account or credit before. We understand everyone has reasons for financial histories.

This doesn’t stop you from taking out an Arro Personal Account – as long as we can verify your identity and address, you’re over 18 and you live at a UK address, we can normally approve you for a account.

Your Arro Personal Account can actually help you in managing your money using our straightforward responsive dashboard, so even in an account with no overdraft or credit card could help improve your credit rating by showing possible future lenders that you know how to budget and prioritise regular bills and payments.

The Arro personal card

  • No credit means
    no credit checks

  • Get an account number and sort code straight away

  • No paperwork, no appointments

  • Make payments with contactless Mastercard®

  • Set up standing orders and direct debits (coming soon)

  • Shop online and in store

  • Select your perfect plan



    From £5.00 per month

    A low monthly fee and reduced usage costs!



    From £10.00 per month

    Big savings and additional features for heavy users!

Without a bank account I was paying more for everything

“I needed an alternative to a High-Street Bank account and Arro made everything really easy. Not only did I get instant access to my account once it was set up, but the costs were straightforward and there were no hidden fees, so I knew exactly what I was getting.”

Amanda Freeman

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Will you access my credit record?

We don’t reply on credit records so your application will not show up in your credit history. Instead, when you tell us your name, date of birth and UK address, we check those against our directly integrated databases just to verify your ID, and if needed we can check forms of identification from over 195 countries as well as use street level verification for security.

Managing your money

The Arro Personal Account gives you everything you need to manage your money and potentially build your credit rating.

Your personal account supports:

  • Having your salary/wages paid directly into your Arro Personal Account.
  • Receiving money from family and friends using your sort code and account number.
  • Transferring money to other people via the Faster Payments Service.
  • Paying for bills and other regular spending via Direct Debit (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!).
  • Checking your balance and managing your money on your online dashboard.
  • Buying things online with your MasterCard® Debit Card details.
  • Paying by contactless card in-store and/or withdrawing cash from an ATM.

We think the Arro Personal Account speaks for itself