Refused a bank account? How to open an account you can bank on

Why open an Arro Personal Account?

There are many reasons why traditional banks might not be willing to give you a current account, from a poor credit record, to gaps in your banking history, to criminal convictions and company director disqualifications.

Maybe you have already held accounts at all of the major banks, had applications refused, or you just need to open an account quickly without lengthy interviews in-branch and complicated paperwork to prove your ID.

Arro Personal Accounts have only very basic needs in order to apply – just be over 18 and resident in the UK – and by checking your ID automatically using Experian’s databases, we can approve and open your account within minutes.

Will I be accepted?

In almost all cases, yes. If you meet the basic rules of having a UK address and being over 18, and if we can verify your ID automatically, you will be approved in just a few minutes.

Some cases where we are unable to verify your ID may take a little longer, but we are able to offer manual checks so that you are still able to open an Arro Personal Account.

Our online application form makes it as quick and easy as possible to apply for your account and get the approval you need without delay.

How is it so fast?

An Arro Personal Account does not come with an overdraft, and the MasterCard® Debit Card you receive does not give you access to credit either, so there is no need to carry out a background credit check.

This, combined with our access to ID databases from 160 countries, means we can usually approve new accounts automatically, so that you get your sort code, account number and virtual debit card details immediately.

We have personal experience of how hard it can be to open a bank account if you don’t fit the banks’ idea of the ideal customer – and we designed the Arro Personal Account to make sure it does not shut out anybody who wants a second chance to manage their own money.

What do I get?

The Arro Personal Account gives you:

  • A 6-digit sort code and 8-digit account number you can use to make transactions.
  • A MasterCard® Debit Card you can use to buy things online and in shops, and at ATMs.
  • Immediate SMS notification of your card number and security details so you can use it online.
  • An online dashboard to manage your account, check your balance and set up payments.
  • Ability to make Faster Payments.
  • Ability to set up, amend and cancel Direct Debits (not currently available, but it’s coming soon!).

Overall, the account is designed to give you the opportunity to manage your own money, whether this is your first time holding a personal account or you have had bank accounts frozen or terminated in the past.

As there is no overdraft or credit, you don’t need to have a good credit rating to open an Arro Personal Account, but by managing your own money well, you can start to rebuild a poor credit history to improve your access to other financial products.

How to Apply

To apply for an Arro Personal Account you need to be over 18 and live at a UK address – even if you have only just moved in.

All we need from you is your name, UK address and date of birth, along with an email address and mobile phone number to send confirmation and your virtual debit card details once your account is approved.

If you have not yet moved to the UK and are finding it hard to get the British banks to talk to you, just apply for an Arro Personal Account as soon as you arrive in the country, and you will usually be approved in under five minutes.

What we ask for:

  • Name, date of birth, UK postal address and telephone/email contact details.
  • In rare cases, a passport or driving licence if we cannot confirm your ID using online databases.
  • There is no background credit check, you do not need a credit rating or UK banking history.

When can I use my account?

As soon as your account is approved and opened, you can start using your sort code and account number to transfer funds in and out.

We also send you the full number and 3-digit security code for your MasterCard® Debit Card by SMS, so you can start using the details to buy things online even before the physical card arrives in the post.

So you’re interested in an Arro account?

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