Apply now for the Arro MasterCard® Debit Card

It takes just three minutes to apply for a prepaid debit card with the Arro Personal Account, and you can receive the details of your new MasterCard® Debit Card immediately via SMS on approval.

Why open an Arro Personal Account?

Applications are open to anyone aged 18 or over with a UK address – regardless of credit status – and as Arro only issue debit cards, not credit cards, there’s no mark left on your credit file.

Our MasterCard® Debit Cards double as cash cards for your Arro Personal Account, which means you can also use them to withdraw cash from your account balance at ATMs.

What is a Virtual MasterCard®

Applying for an Arro Personal Account takes about three minutes – we just need your name, date of birth and contact details, including a current UK address.

You do not need to be a permanent UK resident, for example if you are just here to study, and we never need to run a background credit check, just a quick online identity check that allows us to approve your application immediately.

As soon as your account and debit card are set up, we will send you your card details via SMS, including the card number, expiry date and 3-digit CVV (card verification value) you usually find on the signature strip.

We also send you your Arro Personal Account sort code and account number, so that you can start to transfer funds into your account and spend them online using the card details sent to you by SMS.

This is a temporary solution that allows you to make cardholder-not-present purchases online, or anywhere you can manually enter your card details, with the physical MasterCard® debit card dispatched promptly by post.

Do I get a physical MasterCard® debit card?

Yes, you do. Every Arro Personal Account receives the Virtual MasterCard® details as standard, as this is the quickest way for us to let you start managing your money and making purchases.

Every account also receives a physical MasterCard® debit card, which is sent as soon as is reasonably possible to your UK postal address.

The card details are the same – so once your physical debit card arrives, you can still continue to use the same card number, expiry date and CVV that was sent to you by SMS; you will just have a physical reminder of those details close to hand.

Your physical MasterCard® is a full, valid, activated card and can be used anywhere MasterCard® is accepted, via contactless, chip and pin or swiping the magnetic strip, and they also serve as cash cards for the Arro Personal Account to allow you to make cash machine withdrawals.

Why is there no credit check?

Unlike credit cards, a prepaid debit card draws money directly from your account when you make a payment or a purchase, so you do not run up personal debt – and to top up your prepaid MasterCard® you just deposit into your Arro Personal Account.

Because there’s no lending on the card and no overdraft on the Arro Personal Account, there’s no need for a credit agreement to be put in place, and that means Arro do not need to check your credit rating.

That means whatever your current credit standing:

  • We will not check your credit file.
  • You will not be rejected based on your credit score.
  • Your application will not leave a mark on your credit history.

In fact if you have a poor credit rating or have experienced debt problems due to credit cards in the past, an Arro Personal Account is an effective way to start managing your money using cash cards again, as it gives you many of the features of a traditional bank account but eligibility is not based on your credit score.

What does it cost?

Many transactions using your prepaid MasterCard® debit card are free of any fees when you use your Arro Personal Account.

Opening a new Arro Personal Account is free, and the monthly management charge depends on the fee structure you choose.

Apart from that there is a small fee for ATM withdrawals and a charge for lost cash cards or if you do not use your prepaid debit card at all for more than 120 days.

We publish all of our fees upfront and many of them can be avoided by keeping your account active and your debit card safe – so with careful account management, the running costs for many users are close to zero.

So you’re interested in an Arro account?

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