Arro Personal Accounts

An Arro online personal account can be set-up in minutes and enables you to start managing your money. It’s a great alternative to a high street bank account and comes with everything you’d expect such as a sort code, account number, Mastercard® debit card and an online money management platform.

Arro is not a ‘digital bank’ in the traditional sense, but is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities.

A great alternative to a high street bank account

Am I eligible for an account?

If you are over the age of 18 and live at a UK address then yes, you are probably eligible, and there are only a few unusual situations where we would not be able to approve you for an online current account.

You do not have to be a permanent UK resident, as long as our street-level verification process can confirm the current UK address you provide us with.

That means we can offer the Arro Personal Account to:

  • International students with a term-time UK address.
  • New arrivals to the UK with no proof of long-term address history.
  • Accountholders with an ‘undesirable’ address history.

These are just some specific examples – if you are over 18 with a UK address, you already meet our basic eligibility.

Remember we run no background credit check so there is no black mark left on your credit file either way, and your current credit rating will not have any bearing on whether or not you are approved for your new account.

The Arro personal card

  • No credit means
    no credit checks

  • Get an account number and sort code straight away

  • No paperwork, no appointments

  • Make payments with contactless Mastercard®

  • Set up standing orders and direct debits (coming soon)

  • Shop online and in store

  • Select your perfect plan



    From £5.00 per month

    A low monthly fee and reduced usage costs!



    From £10.00 per month

    Big savings and additional features for heavy users!

Without a bank account I was paying more for everything

“I needed an alternative to a High-Street Bank account and Arro made everything really easy. Not only did I get instant access to my account once it was set up, but the costs were straightforward and there were no hidden fees, so I knew exactly what I was getting.”

Amanda Freeman

More info.

How fast will I know if my application is successful?

Almost instantly. We verify the information you provide us with online in seconds and assuming we can confirm your identity using existing online databases, your account will be opened immediately. If we require further information we can verify identification from 195 countries.

So, why choose Arro over a conventional digital bank account?

  • No setup fee and flexible monthly fee options to fit the way you use your account.
  • Full sort code and account number to receive online banking transfers.
  • Custom-built online dashboard to make Faster Payments.
  • Virtual MasterCard® details sent via SMS within minutes of approval.
  • Physical cash card plus MasterCard® sent via post within 5 working days.
  • NO credit checks, ever.

Guaranteed approval subject to Fair Fit eligibility criteria.

We think the Arro Personal Account speaks for itself