The Arro Personal service

The Arro Personal Banking Service

If you’re looking for the best banking services online, how does the Arro Personal Account compare?

First of all it is important to stress that there is no Arro personal banking service as such, because Arro is not regulated as a bank, but rather as a provider of electronic money services.

We see this as a major advantage over the high street banks, and even the digital banks of the 1990s and early 2000s, as it means Arro is not held back by traditional banking procedures and processes.

Instead we were able to build the Arro online money management platform from the ground up, designed specifically for the task of providing the best current account services to our personal account holders.

We aim to offer the best level of customer service to go along with this – and it all begins from our quick and easy three-minute signup process.

Personal support when signing up

From the moment you load the Arro Personal Account signup page, you receive personal support, as every application is given a unique application ID reference.

If you have any problems with any aspect of the application process, just call the customer support number and quote your unique reference, and our team can give you the personal support you need to complete your registration.

This is on top of our commitment to make signing up as simple as possible, including:

  • Guaranteed approval for eligible applicants, subject to basic Fair Fit criteria.
  • NO credit check or mark on your credit record.
  • Eligibility for newcomers to the UK and international students studying here.
  • Eligibility for applicants with a troubled personal or financial history.

We want the Arro Personal Account to be as welcoming as possible – and we only reject applications in very rare circumstances when it is impossible for us to approve an account.

Personal customer service

If you want to speak to our UK-based customer service team, you can find our contact details by using the help section.

For Arro Personal Account holders or new applicants, we have an extensive FAQs section where you will find answers to most frequently asked questions.

You’ll find targeted FAQs sections our Arro Personal Account page too – so from the first time you apply for a personal current account with us, right through your experience as an account holder, there’s a wealth of knowledge to make your personal banking experience as straightforward and easy as possible.

Professional MasterCard® debit card customer service

As part of your Arro Personal Account application, you receive a MasterCard® debit card. We first send you the details as a ‘virtual debit card’ via SMS, with the physical card following in the post.

At any time, you can get professional MasterCard® debit card customer service direct from Arro by contacting our customer support team in the usual way.

Remember, your physical card acts as both your Arro Personal Account cash card plus MasterCard® debit card, so if you have a problem with any aspect of using it – from ATM withdrawals, to in-store purchases, to shopping online – we are here to help as your main point of contact.

Help us to do better

We want the Arro Personal Account and the customer support we provide to be the best possible overall service, and to improve in the future we need real-world feedback from our customers.

As such, we welcome any opinions and constructive criticism you might have about the things we do well and the areas where we could improve – just send them to us via the contact form or email a member of our team to let us know.

We also recognise that there may be situations where you feel like the level of customer support you receive is not up to scratch, and in case this happens, we provide a separate channel to make formal complaints about your experience of the Arro Personal Account.

To make a complaint, visit the Contact page and choose the third tile, marked Complaints. You can fill in the online contact form and also let us know the type of complaint you wish to make – we do read all complaints and take them extremely seriously, and will respond appropriately.

Alternatively, you can write to us by post at PO Box 5529, Manchester, M61 0QX and again, any communication marked as a formal complaint will be given the highest priority so that we can remedy the situation and improve our own service for the future.

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