Virtual Debit Card

Every new Arro Personal Account comes with a virtual debit card as soon as the application process is complete – meaning you can have a brand new current account and virtual MasterCard® in under five minutes.

How is this possible? Because your debit card is a prepaid MasterCard® linked with your Arro Personal Account, and there is no overdraft on the account, we do not need to provide you with a credit agreement.

This means no background credit check and guaranteed approval for all applicants aged 18 or over who currently live at a UK address, subject to our standard Fair Fit criteria.

Approval is near-instant, and just depends on a quick online identity check, which does not require us to access your credit file.

We can then immediately issue you with your account number and virtual debit card details, so you can start managing your money online and making card payments.

How do I get my virtual MasterCard®?

As part of the three-minute application process, we ask you for some basic contact details, including a mobile phone number.

Once your account and card are set up, we send you your full card details in a text message – everything you need to enter into a website checkout page to complete your purchase.

We also give you access to your Arro Personal Account online money management dashboard, so you can start to move funds into your account to cover purchases made with your virtual prepaid debit card.

Is it secure?

We send your virtual card details directly to the mobile phone number you provide, so the only person who sees them is you when you receive the SMS.

After that it is up to you to protect them – whether you decide to keep the SMS itself, or make a note of the details and then delete it, we only ask that you take reasonable steps to avoid anyone else getting your card details.

You should normally receive a matching physical MasterCard® within the next few days, depending on how quickly it reaches you through the post, and at that point you can use the physical card as your reference any time you need to check your card number, expiry date or 3-digit CVV security number.

An Arro cash card plus MasterCard®

The physical card you receive is more than just a reminder of your virtual debit card details – it is a full physical Arro cash card plus MasterCard® debit card.

What does this mean? Well, it means you can use the card for:

  • Contactless card payments made in person.
  • Chip and pin card payments made in person.
  • Old-style ‘magnetic stripe’ card payments.
  • ATM withdrawals from your Arro Personal Account.

Combined with the powerful Arro money management online dashboard, your account’s cash card plus MasterCard® is a flexible and fully featured way to make payments in store and online.

Are there any fees?

Depending on how you use your card, and on the fee structure you have chosen for your Arro Personal Account, there may be some small transaction fees to pay, but we will always make you aware of these upfront.

You can check the list of fees for your account online at any time, and the main things to keep in mind are the small charge for ATM withdrawals and the fees associated with leaving your card unused for over 120 days or replacing a lost card.

With careful management of your card and account, it is possible to avoid most or even all of these fees and still use your card regularly to make purchases.

Remember, there is no application fee for the Arro Personal Account, and guaranteed acceptance if you meet our basic criteria and Fair Fit assessment – and there is never any need for a credit check.

How to apply

Head over to our signup page and enter the basic details required, including:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • UK address
  • Contact details

If you’re over 18, can provide us with a UK contact address and meet our Fair Fit criteria, we guarantee to accept your application, regardless of your financial status or credit record.

We will not run a credit check at any point, so there is no mark left on your credit file; however, managing your money effectively with your Arro cash card plus the online Arro Personal Account dashboard can be a first step towards repairing a poor credit rating for the future.

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