Our straightforward Personal Account fees list
  • What's the worst thing about high street banks?

    Confusing pricing structures that leave you wondering what you are actually paying for. Or worse, a shocker of a bill that you weren’t expecting, at the end of the month.

    That’s why our account fees are simple and straightforward, with no nasty surprises

    Flexi from


    per month

    • Use your account as much or as little as you like!

    • £1.00 per ATM withdrawal

    • £1.00 per Fast Payment

    Standard from


    per month

    • A low monthly fee and reduced usage costs!

    • £0.50 per ATM withdrawal

    • £0.50 per Fast Payment

    Inclusive from


    per month

    • Our all inclusive account gives heavy users, big savings!

    • £0.00 per ATM withdrawal

    • £0.00 per Fast Payment

    Standard and inclusive packages coming soon!

    *Fair usage policy applies. View our fees

Our straightforward fees list

With our Flexi Account you can forget about complex packages and hidden charges. Just an easy to manage account and lots of free stuff.

Set up



Account Opening Fee


Monthly Management fee


Payments & transfers

Faster payments / online transfers


ATM withdrawal fees



Cancellation / redemption fee


Credits into your Account



Replacement card


Chargeback fee


Card inactivity fee


After 90 days

Foreign exchange charges


International ATM Withdrawal Fee


Straightforward stuff

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