Sole Trader

From £10.00 per month

A straightforward account for Sole Traders!

£0.00 per ATM withdrawal *

£0.00 per Fast Payment *

Features Cost Additional
Account Opening Fee Free
Monthly Management Fee £10
ATM Withdrawal Fee Free up to 10/ Month Additional: thereafter 50p
Credits into your Account Free
Faster Payments Out, Standing Orders & Direct Debit Free up to 10/ Month Additional: thereafter 50p
Replacement Card Fee £5
Foreign Exchange Charges 2.99%
International ATM Withdrawal Fee £5
Card Inactivity Fee £5/Month Additional: applicable if account inactive for 90 days
Chargeback Fee £10 Additional: per rejection
Cancellation or Redemption £10

*The first monthly fee will be debited from your account upon the initial deposit of funds. Subsequent monthly fees will be debited every 30 days and taken on the same day of the month that you created your Arro account.

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