Get a UK bank account for Spanish nationals seeking work in the UK

The UK and Spain are more than just holiday destinations for each other – there is a long-held tradition of residents from each country spending time in the other for work or just to experience the culture and lifestyle of their European neighbour.

With 176,000 Spanish nationals living in the UK in mid-2017, the UK’s Spanish population is even larger than its French population, and there are Spanish influences to be found everywhere from food to music and even the dance classes British people attend.

For Spanish nationals working in the UK, there are opportunities in many sectors – and the career options go far beyond simple seasonal work and ‘holiday jobs’.

So you deserve a current account that allows you to live and earn in the UK to the best of your ability, as well as to live the lifestyle you want using the money you make while you are here.

Access to UK banking for Spanish people seeking work

If you are new to the UK and seeking work, your banking options may be limited. Some accounts depend on you being able to pay in a minimum starting balance or keep to a minimum monthly deposit, which you won’t necessarily know until you find your job.

But of course it can be easier to get a job if you already have an account set up, as employers may prefer to pay you using a UK sort code and account number, and may consider a UK account to be evidence that you are eligible to work here.

So which should you get first? If you can’t commit to the minimum balance or monthly deposit, and you can’t prove to the banks that you have any employment lined up when you have only just arrived into the UK, you might think you will not be able to open an account until you find a job.

Arro Money work differently. We are not a bank, but we provide electronic money accounts that give you many of the same features and functionality – and you can manage these accounts from any internet connection whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

What is the Arro Personal Account?

The Arro Personal Account is not technically a form of online banking, as Arro is not a bank, but it does give you the kinds of features that are common to current accounts in the UK.

For example, you will get:

  • A login for the Arro Money dashboard to manage your account and your money online.
  • A sort code and account number employers can use to pay your wages into.
  • A MasterCard® debit card for card payments that doubles as your ATM cash card.

We designed the Arro Personal Account to meet everyday lifestyle needs, too. So as well as withdrawing cash from ATMs when you need it, or paying in British shops by contactless or chip and pin, you can also use your MasterCard® debit card for online shopping, transfer funds via Faster Payments from the Arro Money dashboard, and set up Direct Debits to pay regular bills while you live in the UK.

There’s no credit card – just a debit card – and no overdraft on the account, so it is a good way to live within your means and manage your own money from your job or from friends and family back home.

As there’s no credit, that also means there is no need for a credit check to confirm your eligibility for the account. We have some basic Fair Fit criteria and you must be over 18, but apart from that, we guarantee to accept everyone we can, and we will never access your credit file when opening your account.

Get an Arro Personal Account today

In order to apply for an Arro Personal Account, you must already be living in the UK, as we need your current UK address – so please wait until you get here before you fill in the signup form.

Apart from that, you must be over 18 and meet our simple Fair Fit criteria, and if you do, we guarantee to accept all eligible applications.

The signup form takes just about three minutes to complete, and it’s easy to fill in even if English is not a strong language for you – just give us your name, date of birth, UK address and contact details.

Once approved, you will get your Arro Money dashboard login immediately, along with your account details which you can give to friends, family and your employer.

We will also send you your MasterCard® debit card details via SMS. You can use these online immediately – even before the physical card arrives in the post – so there’s no delay if you need to order things online today.

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    Use your account as much or as little as you like!

    £1.00 per ATM withdrawal

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